CCDoTTCenter for the Commercial Deployment of Transportation Technologies (California State University)
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The CCDoTT report calls for dedicated port facilities, designed to support the domestic fleet's container and RO/RO needs.
The goals of CCDoTT are to support developments in commercial transportation technologies; build on transportation research and development, training, education, and technologies from an extensive foundation of sources; improve military readiness and effectiveness; and improve the nation's productivity, competitiveness, and balance of trade.
The objectives of CCDoTT are to reduce time and cost of military deployments; reduce cost and delivery times of commercial intermodal goods transport, especially high value, time-sensitive goods; foster and assist deployment of advanced transportation technologies; provide a stable intermodal transportation infrastructure; and support the manufacturing sector.
The teamwork approach is used by CCDoTT to work with High-Speed ship and Agile Port designers.
CCDoTT is a California State University-Long Beach sponsored, government approved and supported R&D center dealing with maritime-related transportation issues on behalf of both commercial and military interests.