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Commenting on the change, Jacksam/Convectium CEO Mark Adams said, "Up until now companies using CCell cartridges couldn't access our state-of-the-art automation equipment which delivers up to 287% more efficiency and 80% labor savings.
The pod system was developed by CCELL and is the first strain-specific release for the MOXIE Dart pod system.
Cutaneous squamous CCEll carcinoma (SCC) and the DNA damage response: pATM expression patterns in pre-malignant and malignant keratinocyte skin lesions.
[19] LEIB, M.S.; SAUNDERS, G.K.; DALLMAN, M.J.; CARRIG, C.B.; Squamous CCEll carcinoma of the prostate gland in a dog.
MARYBETH LIMA ( is the director of CCELL and the Cliff & Nancy Spanier Alumni Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at LSU.
The certificates of authenticity, in accordance with Title 16 section 5715 of the state's code, were obtained by CCELL in July.
CCELL's COAs come after the company worked with the California state-approved lab Belcosta Labs to test the cartridges against California regulations.
Physiologic versus neoplastic Ccell hyperplasia of the thyroid: separation of distinct histologic and biologic entities.
Histopathological and molecular studies in patients with goiter and hypercalcitoninemia: reactive or neoplastic Ccell hyperplasia?
Background: Medullary cancer arises from Ccells and accounts for 5-10 % of thyroid cancers.