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CCERChina Center for Economic Research (Peking University, Beijing, China)
CCERCentre for Computer-Aided Egyptological Research
CCERCatholic Commission for Employment Relations (Australia)
CCERCenter for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation (Washington state)
CCERCoordinadora Civil para la Emergencia y la Reconstrucción (Spanish: Civil Coordinator for Emergency and Reconstruction; Managua, Nicaragua)
CCERCenter-Commissioned External Review
CCERCanadian Coalition for Electronic Rights (Canada)
CCERCenter for Community Economic Research (California)
CCERCouncil for Community and Economic Research
CCERCenter for Combustion and Environmental Research (Colorado)
CCERCENTRIXS Cross Enclave Requirement
CCERCalifornia Coalition for Educational Renewal
CCERCommunity Choices for Economic Renewal (New York state)
CCERCommand and Control of the Enemy Rear
CCERCardiff Centre for Educational Research (United Kingdom)
CCERCentre de Contrôle d'Essai et Réception (French: Air traffic control center specialized in test flights)
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The CCER service allows customers to upload and manage receipts directly on their mobile devices.
This new functionality is available to customers through the mobile CCER application on the Commercial Electronic Office[R] (CEO[R]) service.
We measured price using the price index suggested by the CCER. Each product in the CCER's sample is assigned an expenditure weight that corresponds to that product's category in the consumer expenditure survey.
He added that CCER will stand against any attempt to postpone the elections or to pass an electoral law without taking into consideration long sought-after reforms.
The CCER objectives include accountability for all educators, high expectations for all students, the fostering of school leadership, the support of excellence in teaching, and intelligent investment of resources into turnaround school to redress the achievement gap.
TO DO LIST | For autumn colour next year plant three of the best: amelanchier lamarckii (snowy mespilus), cotinus coggygria (smoke tree), and ccer palmatum senkaki.
Of the state's approximate 1,200 public schools, 135 have been named low-performing for more than five years and many are not areas of high poverty, says Rae Ann Knopf, executive director of the Connecticut Council for Education Reform (CCER).
He serves as a Center for Computing Education Research(CCER) Contributor, is an ABET IDEAL Scholar, and is the information systems assessment and self-study leader for the information systems program at South Alabama.
We also thank the China Center for Economic Research (CCER) for cosponsoring a 2005 conference with the National Bureau of Economic Research where the authors began collaborating on these issues, and Laurina Zhang for outstanding research assistance.
Ricardo Zambrana, director of the nongovernmental Coordinador Civil de Emergencias y Reconstruccion (CCER), told Inter Press Service the government lost more than US$1.2 billion through corruption while Aleman was in office.
CCER National Budget Simulation 3333/budget/budget.html 2.