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CCFD is pushing industry to develop Metis-specific procurement policies, Metis-specific hiring policies, and Metis-specific set asides in projects.
CCFD was created in an agreement between Metis Nation-Saskatchewan and the provincial government.
Implementing partner : Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development - CCFD, MADA, Fair Trade Lebanon - FTL,
Before joining HRW in 2007, Fardeau worked in humanitarian aid and international cooperation for over twenty years, serving notably as Executive Director of CCFD (Comite Catholique contre la Faim et pour le Developpement) and president of CIDSE (Cooperation Internationale pour le Developpement et la Solidarite, an international network of catholic development NGOs).
System is defined to include: microwave system, VHF simulcast radio system, cellular data system and ancillary equipment related to those systems owned by Cowlitz County 9-1-1 Communications and do or may communicate with other agency radio systems, including CCFD #5 digital radio system that is under development, and an 800 MHz interoperability patch with Clark County PSAP that allows for regional interoperability.