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Another report-anticipated since the release of a related version in 2015-was also released at the CCFF launch.
"Effective implementation of CCFF will reduce risks and the economic, social and human costs of climate change to Pakistan," he said.
sol 0.348 0.816 2.034 CCFF 0.001 QH8-RCV 0.7003 2.4197 2.6929 QH8-LV 0.6997 2.4117 2.6870 Ref.
Boundary conditions Material parameter (p) CFFF SSFF SSSS CCFF CCSS Pure ceramic 15.430 54.302 87.718 98.502 128.59 P = 1 13.228 46.643 75.264 84.446 110.25 P = 2 13.052 46.078 74.304 83.327 108.79 P = 5 12.901 45.591 73.478 82.364 107.53 p = 10 12.856 45.446 73.231 82.077 107.15 Pure metal 11.060 38.922 62.873 70.603 92.176 Table 7: Nondimensional buckling loads of FGM simply supported plates ([[bar.N]] = [][b.sup.2]/[E.sub.2][hs.up.3]).
Cell-free fetal DNA (ccff DNA) from 591 maternal samples of Rh negative women of 11-13 weeks gestational age was tested for the presence of exons 5 and 7 of the RHD gene to determine the RHD genotype.
Together these data strongly demonstrate that the presented FQA assay can serve as a sex- and polymorphism-independent method for the quantification of ccff DNA in a plasma samples from pregnant women.
Under the CCFF agreement, India had already withdrawn $221 million in July 1991 and $637 million in September 1991.
In order to accommodate this impressive growth, CCFF has had to address and solve some difficult manufacturing challenges.
But following changes in its design in 1982, which had the effect of making it a high-conditionality facility, the CFF became much less heavily used, and by 1990 drawings under the remodeled compensatory and contingency financing facility (CCFF) were less than SDR 0.1 billion.(1) The Fund's buffer stock financing facility (BSFF) has been used even less.
The compensatory and contingency financing facility (CCFF) superseded the CFF in August 1988, adding a mechanism for contingency financing to support adjustment programs approved by the Fund.
The latest increment of IMF backing amounts to SDR60.1m (about $85m), of which SDR38.6m is being made available under a one-year standby arrangement and the other SDR21.5m was disbursed in April under the Fund's compensatory and contingency financing facility (CCFF), in respect of reduced export earnings.