CCFMCanadian Council of Forest Ministers
CCFMConvective Cloud Field Model (atmospheric science)
CCFMCentre Culturel Franco-Mozambicain (French: Franco-Mozambican Cultural Center; Mozambique)
CCFMCertified Convenience Foodservice Manager
CCFMCanadian Council of Furniture Manufacturers
CCFMColumbia City Farmers Market (Washington)
CCFMCommand Console Fleet Monitor
CCFMCommunications-Computer Systems Facility Manager
CCFMCertified Church Facilities Manager
CCFMConference for Catholic Facilities Management
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A 2005 publication by the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM) on Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management in Canada: National Status reports on six criteria and 46 indicators, but these only follow the Montreal Process indicators to a limited extent.
The CSA is based on the six criteria and 17 elements from the CCFM, while the SFI applies nine principals from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard.
and a spokesman for CCFM, noted that many Canadian furniture plants have been closing and residents have lost their jobs because of the influx of less-expensive Chinese-made furniture.
"What the industry needs is time to adjust, which is exactly the objective of the filing we have made with the CITT," the CCFM said in a statement.
(14) The AJCF's campaign had progressed by August, when the Bulletin de la CCfM printed full legal attestations of the AJCF's legal team now officially on board, Geoffrion, Geoffrion & Cusson, as well as a letter to de Montigny supporting the pro-Berne view from J.B.
Glyphosate is the most commonly used herbicide for forest management in Canada--approximately 94% of forest management herbicide use is glyphosate (CCFM 2004).
* CCFM Series: generates high pressures and conserves space.
* The Council of Canadian Filmmakers (CCFM), an ad--hoc group representing unions, ACTRA, the Directors Guild and the Toronto Filmmakers' Co-op, is formed.
The CSA guidelines also describe a performance framework, comprising the following elements: criteria for sustainable forest management, as determined by the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (see sidebar)(7); local values and goals, identified with the help of public input; measurable indicators for each criteria, selected from the list prepared by the CCFM with input from the public participation process and the assistance of technical experts; and objectives, or the quantifiable results expected for each indicator.(8)