CCFRPMCentrifugally Cast, Fiberglass-Reinforced, Polymer Mortar
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The 540-ton CCFRPM jacking pipe chosen for the project was manufactured by Hobas Pipe USA.
Wilson Okamoto specified only two products for the microtunneled pipes--concrete steel cylinder, or prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (the pressure version of regular reinforced concrete pipe), and CCFRPM. The choice was limited because of the demanding application and installation.
The pipe specifications required the CCFRPM pipes to meet ASTM D3262 with minimum stiffness classes of 36, 46, and 72 psi depending on the depth of cover and the installation means.
The quick assembly of the FWC joints and the lightweight CCFRPM pipe sections provided installation ease that helped in meeting the completion goal.
The 20-ft long CCFRPM pipe sections were carried in, one at a time, and homed into place with the help of the dingy and transporter cart.
Because of the construction limitations at this busy airport, installer Colich & Sons (Gardena, California) found several reasons to choose CCFRPM pipe for the entire project.
The answer might just be why FIOBAS CCFRPM pipes have so many leak-free installations!
Hobas CCFRPM potable water pipes and joint gaskets comply with NSF standard 61 for drinking water components.
HOBAS Pipe USA manufactures centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe.
Centrifugally cast fiberglass-reinforced polymer-mortar pipe Pipe materials Cement-lined pipe (CL) (CCFRPM) Nominal diameter, inches 48 48 Inside diameter (ID), 48 48.5 inches Flow volume, gallons per 50,000 minute (gpm) Flow volume (Q), cubic 111.4 feet per second (cfs) Flow velocity, feet per 8.86 8.68 second Hazen Williams, C 120 155 Pipeline length (L), 16,000 feet Fluid specific gravity 1.0 (SG) Power cost, dollars per 0.07 kilowatt hour (KWH) Discount rate, % 6.0 Inflation rate, % 2.0 Study period, years 30 Procedure
This paper focuses on centrifugally cast fiberglass reinforced polymer (CCFRPM) pipe and looks closely at large diameter (64-inch) pipe subjected to pressure-flow applications.