CCGGCanadian Coalition for Good Governance (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CCGGCanadian Clay Glass Gallery (silica artwork)
CCGGCalifornia Council on Gerontology and Geriatrics
CCGGC, Cytosine; G, Guanine
CCGGCarbon Cycle Greenhouse Gas (US NOAA)
CCGGConsultative Council on Good Governance (Malaysia)
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The participants at the conversation are Honourable Muyideen Olagunju, representatives of Ministry of Finance and Budget in Oyo State,Honourable Akeem Adeyemi, Honourable Leke Oyatokun, Landlord Associations, retirees, market women, National Council of Women Societies, Nigeria, National Union of Road Transporters Associations, Okada Riders Associations, artisans, Nigeria Union of Teachers, Nigeria Bar Association, Lecturers from Tertiary Institutions, mechanics,religious and traditional leaders and members of CCGG across Afijio, Atiba, Oyo East and Oyo West local governments respectively.
CCGG, CCTC, and CCTG were significantly associated (p <0.01) and involved in disease development.
(74) Canadian Coalition of Good Governance, "Model Declaration of Trust Provisions" (10 December 2007), online: CCGG < Memo_and_CCGG_s_Draft_Model_Declaration_of_Trust_Provisions.pdf>; Canadian Coalition of Good Governance, "Model Declaration of Trust Provisions" (November 2015) at 1, online: CCGG < policy_merged_,pdf>.
Famacion said that the CCGG will strengthen the awareness of the academe in the field of local governance and encourage their participation in all the activities concerning local governments.
In a similar vein, the CCGG suggests that a director should only be
TOMTOM analysis revealed that the CCGG pattern which is found in VM regions but not AM regions is part of the consensus binding site for 35 DNA binding proteins; however, not all are found in mammals.
Ferrary, J.-L.: << A propos des pouvoirs d'Auguste >>, CCGG 12, 2001, pp.
En este trabajo se estudio la posibilidad de encontrar 5mC dentro de la region ITS1 de macromicetos silvestres debido a que hasta ahora es la unica base significativamente metilada encontrada en hongos (Wilke y Wach, 1993) y para esto se escogieron las enzimas isosquisomeras Msp I y Hpa II que tienen como blanco la secuencia CCGG diferenciando entre 5mC interna o externa (Doerfler, 1983).
Ferrary, "A propos des pouvoirs d'Auguste", CCGG, 12, 2001, pp.
De los 16 posibles haplotipos, resultantes de la combinacion entre los distintos alelos, solo se presentaron tres en toda la poblacion de estudio (CCGG, TTGC, TTAC).