CCGPCommission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy
CCGPCombat Communications Group
CCGPContamination Cleanup Grant Program (Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development)
CCGPCommand and Control Group
CCGPCode on Corporate Governance Practices (Hong Kong)
CCGPConseil Canadien des Géoscientifiques Professionels (French: Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists)
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From a policy standpoint, the incentive funds provided by the legislature have been successful in encouraging the vast majority of Utah's middle and high schools to work to demonstrate that they have met the 12 CCGP standards necessary to qualify for the funds (USOE, 2008).
The quiz has been a fun and informative way of encouraging UAE national students about the happenings in the country's dynamic job market, which we believe is critically important in the overall development of country because these students represent the future of the UAE," said Saif Ibrahim Al Noaimi, Director of CCGP."I would like to congratulate Zayed University (Dubai) for a superb performance in the competition, while I would also like to applaud the rest of the participants from (name of school) and (name of school) for their efforts and for showcasing their skills and expertise during the competition.
Abbreviations: API, adjusted performance index; [C.sub.0], original cycle; [C.sub.A], advanced cycle; COM, combined recurrent selection; GCA, general combining ability; RS, recurrent selection; RRS, reciprocal recurrent selection; S, selfed-progeny recurrent selection; SCA, specific combining ability; UPI, unadjusted performance index; P, phenotype: G, genotype; E, environment: ANOVA, analysis of variance: CG, Canada-Guelph; CCGP. Cross Canada Gene Pool; RCBD, randomized complete block design; LR, linear regression; AMMI, additive main effects and multiplicative interaction; IPCA, interaction principal component axis.
The delegations agreed that protection of human health was the first priority of risk assessment.(209) CCGP needs to adopt human health as the first priority of a risk management scheme.
Prior to the 2004-2005 school year, program evaluation was done every 3 years with an on-site review by out-of-district personnel required for CCGP funding.
The two CCGP populations were selected from a common [C.sub.0], resulting in 12 [C.sub.A] populations and 11 [C.sub.0] populations.