CCGRChrist Centered Game Reviews (website; aka Christ Centered Gamer)
CCGRChrist Centered Gamer (website; aka Christ Centered Game Reviews)
CCGRCenter for Computer Games Research
CCGRConcentric Conductor with Ground Removed
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CCGR CFO Jeff Andrews comments, "This is a milestone event for CCGR.
CCGR is an official licensee of NEW LINE PRODUCTIONS, Inc.
CCGR will initially market five figurines, Nolan Ryan (considered by many to be one of the greatest pitchers of all time), Greg Maddux (Four time Cy Young Award winner), Ken Griffey Jr.
This has placed some pressure on CCGR's ability to have its financial statements for its last fiscal year end completed on the contemplated schedule, but Andrews believes that this fiscal year end will help CCGR timely make its next required quarterly filing.
To maximize the potential of the scroll line, CCGR has developed a Timed Stock Rotation Program or "TSRP" for major market retailers.
As a result, both video and banner ads and EEC -- embedded electronic commerce --, a proprietary Kanakaris Wireless technology, will be used to take orders for all CCGR licensed products.
The addition of the PLANET OF THE APES License to its portfolio is one more prestigious License that CCGR has added to its list of high profile properties and another example of the respect the Company has garnered for its creative expertise and marketing capabilities from the entertainment industry.
This "Corporate Tour" video will allow CCGR to show individual investors, as well as institutional investors, the company's facilities, management operations and products via the Knobias.
CCGR is also creating collectible merchandise for the Terminator and Terminator 2 motion pictures and is currently building the Official Terminator Collector's Club at www.
Capitalizing on this common problem, CCGR has licensed proprietary and patent rights to manufacture and distribute this remote control accessory for its Team Sports Concepts division.
CCGR will be producing limited edition collectible wall scrolls featuring the fine art paintings of Boris and Julie, characters from the Marvel Universe, and Stan Lee Media.