CCHCAChinese Community Health Care Association (San Francisco, CA)
CCHCACommunity Christian Health Care Agency (Canada)
CCHCACountry Club Hills Civic Association, (Fairfax City, VA)
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We need to be 100% certain that we know what is going on in the lives of our patients across multiple systems," said Don Brandeberg, Director of Health Information Technology, CCHCA.
CCHCA gathers patient data into a dashboard from which analytics and care decisions are made.
We applaud organizations like CCHCA that take steps to improve the lives of their providers and members by deploying vendor-neutral and proven patient data management technology," said Andy Aroditis, CEO, NextGate.
In contrast to most physician groups, CCHCA sets itself apart in that it was founded with the intention to serve the Chinese community, and form what would be similar to a family association.
In 1985, after mutually productive discussions, Chinese Hospital and its physicians in CCHCA became providers and a site of service for the Children's Hospital Health Plan.
The virtually integrated health delivery system uses CCHP as the third-party administrator for the Chinese Hospital and CCHCA, supporting their participation in mainstream health plans and the San Francisco Health Plan, which provides access for the Medicaid and healthy families population of San Francisco.
To meet the health educational needs of a monolingual Chinese population, the Chinese Community Health Resource Center was established by Chinese Hospital, CCHCA, and CCHP, and involved the community in identifying pertinent issues.