CCHCCChampaign County Health Care Consumers (Champaign, IL)
CCHCCCalifornia Consumer Health Care Council (San Francisco, CA)
CCHCCCentral California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Fresno, CA)
CCHCCCollin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (McKinney, TX)
CCHCCCoordinating Center for Home and Community Care (est. 1983; Maryland)
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The recipient of the Corporation of the Year Award is determined by a selection committee made up of CCHCC members and directors.
Since its inception in 1939, CCHCC has recognized the contributions of corporate and small business partners and has refined the selection process of the Corporation of the Year Award over the last 10 years.
As indicated by Metz, CCHCC is aware of a shocking number of complaints regarding the HMO treatment of members who have grievances against the corporate giant.
Thanks to the efforts of CCHCC, the American health-care consumer has a voice as well; folks out there need to be watching this case.
Among other things, CCHCC discovered that while Kaiser prohibits its member's access to the courts as a means to settle claims or disputes, this mega-corporation shamelessly gives itself the option to litigate claims against consumers in court.
Roberts-Ross stated, "A finding in favor of the CCHCC would allow patients and families basic rights afforded to them by California law and guaranteed in the Constitution.
Consequently, CCHCC has been left with no other option but to proceed with the complaint CCHCC filed in San Francisco Superior Court.