CCHLCentral Canada Hockey League
CCHLChristchurch City Holdings Limited (New Zealand)
CCHLCytochrome C Heme Lyase
CCHLCitizens Concerned for Human Life (Albany, NY)
CCHLChina Container Holdings Ltd.
CCHLCenter for Community Health Leadership (Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solutions, Inc.; Raleigh, NC)
CCHLCanadian Cyber Hockey League
CCHLCommunauté de Communes de la Haute Lande (French: Community of Communes of the Haute Lande; Labouheyre, France)
CCHLCercle Culturel et Historique de Leudelange (Leudelange, Luxembourg)
CCHLCercle de Conférences et d'Histoire Locale (French: Circle Conference and Local History; cultural association)
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As already stated above, for HydroColor, an adjusted ratio technique is first used where the reflectance in the red is subtracted before the Cchl parameter is used in the derivation of Chl-a.
In all the regression analyses, except for the validation of Cchl and Chl-a, the linear empirical model yielded the best regression fits.
For the chlorophyll estimation from the HydroColor app, the adjusted ratio Cchl showed a perfect match for chlorophyll-a estimation and the actual Chl-a was estimated with Pearson's correlation coefficient of r > 0.8.
Caption: Figure 10: Relationship between the Cchl ratio and the estimated Chl-a concentration using the HydroColor app.
But he kept Dobson and traded 18-year-old Brennan Kitchen to the CCHL's Cumberland Grads.
"He looked like he could play (in the CCHL)," Grady said.
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