CCHPSColumbia Center for Homelessness Prevention Studies (New York)
CCHPSCenter for Correctional Health and Policy Studies (Washington, DC)
CCHPSCuyuna Country Heritage Preservation Society (est. 1989; Crosby, MN)
CCHPSColumbia Chapter Health Physics Society (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Richland, WA)
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Number and Percentage of Districts Funding Specific Nutrition Activities in Their CCHPs in FY 2010 Activity No.
The summarised calculations obtained are then transferred into the CCHP. In addition, districts exhibiting low coverage rates after implementation were given additional support to identify weaknesses in their planning and budgeting efforts by using a sustainability assessment tool developed by USAID/A2Z project.
Cost per child was calculated by dividing the total amount allocated in the CCHP for VASD by the target population of children aged 6-59 months during the corresponding year, using the official National Bureau of Statistics population projections for children 1-4 years and 50% of children under one year.
Data from FY 2010 were compared against annual CCHP allocations for VASD since 2005[3].
As demonstrated by CCHP allocations, VASD remained in FY 2010 the only subnationally planned and budgeted nutrition intervention implemented at scale in Tanzania.
Due to the experimental nature of the CCHP it was advantageous to have the space conditioned by the CCHP (yellow zone in Figure 2) integrated along with an existing HVAC system.
The right column of ductwork for Figure 3 represents the CCHP component integration into the existing (left column) ductwork containing the split-system air conditioner and furnace.
The novel CCHP uses an air-source heat pump with two-stage compression and economizing.
When outdoor conditions reach the threshold of current air-source heat pumps and traditionally back-up heating is required in the form of inefficient electric resistance heating or a natural gas furnace; the CCHP engages the low stage compressor and economizing loop to increase the heating capacity.
The performance of the CCHP, the HVAC system, and indoor/outdoor conditions were tracked continuously.
The CCHP performance monitoring consisted of a sole electric meter to monitor and collect the total energy consumed by the entire CCHP system.
The purpose of the field demonstration was to prove that a CCHP consumes less primary energy than traditional (natural gas furnace) heating methods.