CCHRCCold Climate Housing Research Center
CCHRCCatholic Charities Housing Resource Center (St. Louis, MO)
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At the CCHRC facility the Siemens Apogee system adjusts boiler operation times and temperatures based on outside temperature.
The smart building system at the CCHRC facility is equipped with controllers that transmit and receive information through the field level network.
In recent years, CCHRC has also conducted and participated in several research projects related to the Chinese community.
In designing and implementing programs and services, CCHRC seeks to include a wide range of suggestions.
CCHRC designers worked with AVCP and the community to come up with a design that fit the climate and culture of the region.
The Building Science Research program at CCHRC focuses on the unique challenges of building in Alaska's extreme and diverse climates.
CCHRC receives strong support from the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation and from Alaska Native Corporations and regional nonprofits.
By listening to the traditional knowledge and combining it with lessons learned and innovative technologies, CCHRC and its partner, Tagiugmiullu Nunamiullu Housing Authority, a tribally designated housing entity serving the North Slope, designed a prototype home.
CCHRC researchers will monitor things like construction cost, energy use, electricity use, indoor air quality and ground temperature to compare different designs.
In addition to weather, Hebert sees the CCHRC expanding its concerns and research to include earthquakes, and other natural disasters, as well as manmade climate changes and the problems they cause in the design and construction of houses and buildings.
CCHRC adapted the technique from a Canadian method to resist moisture intrusion and condensation in the wall cavity, eliminating mildew, rot and mold.
CCHRC is constructing the building that tells us what it's thinking.