CCHWCitizens' Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste
CCHWCitizen Committee for Human Welfare (rural development)
CCHWChrist Church of Hamilton and Wenham (Hamilton, MA)
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CCHW thus subverted the company's fun-and-friendly image, a tactic that enraged the company.
CCHW and a large number of environmental groups that had crusaded against plastic were on EDF's side.
In this case, McDonald's was struggling with other business corporations, environmentalist groups such as EDF, Greenpeace, and CCHW, and public policy bureaucrats over the way in which corporations were to be socially and politically positioned as actors engaged in the problem of the natural environment.
Lois Gibbs: I formed CCHW because I discovered during the struggle at Love Canal that there was no organization that was established for the purpose of helping local, average, grassroots people, moms and dads, with the issues of environmental threats.
MM: What do you mean when you call CCHW an environmental justice center?