CCIBCommand Center Integration Branch
CCIBCentre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (Barcelona's International Congress Centre)
CCIBChambre de Commerce et d'Industrie du Bénin (French: Benin Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Benin)
CCIBChina Commodity Inspection Bureau
CCIBChambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Bordeaux (French: Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Bordeaux, France)
CCIBChambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Bruxelles (French: Brussels Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Brussels, Belgium)
CCIBCanadian Certified Insurance Broker
CCIBCanadian Council for International Business
CCIBCommand Center Integration Branch (US DoD)
CCIBCommand and Control Interoperability Board
CCIBChambre de Commerce et d'Industrie du Burundi (Burundi)
CCIBConfiguration Control Interoperability Board
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According to InsuranceBusinessMag, CCIB managing director, Debbie Airey, said, 'Directors, Clive Turner, Jeff Grundy, and their team have a long history of insurance broking in Lancashire, so they are a natural fit for us.'
Notre ambassadeur nous fait un point de situation, ecrit et transmis a la CCIB, toutes les 48 heures, ce qui nous a permis d'elaborer une etude economique pour determiner la qualite des dattes appreciee par le client indonesien.
Opened in 2004, CCIB is newer than the Dutch venue, RAI, which is 51 years old.
A team from the Bangalore City Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) has arrived here to take the arrested suspects to its custody.
The WAF Awards took place at the Centre Convencions International Barcelona (CCIB) during the inaugural World Architecture Festival in Barcelona between the 22nd and 24th October.
Organised by the Inter-national Centre For Business Information (ICBI), the three-day FundForum (Europe) 2008 concludes today at the Centre Convencions Intern-acional Barcelona (CCIB) in Barcelona, Spain.
This event will take place at the CCIB Exhibition & Conference Centre, 1-17 Rambla Prim, Diagonal Mar, Barcelona 08090, Spain.
RadTech Europe 05 will be held October 18-20, 2005 at the CCiB, Centre Convencions International (International Convention Centre) in Barcelona, Spain.
18-20, 2005 in the CCiB International Convention Centre.
The Summit is being held at the CCIB - Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona and will run for 4 days, Tuesday - Friday, October 25-28.
(2010), Relatii romano-chineze pe firul scurt, CCIB. Xinhua (2013a), Chinese premier meets Romanian president on cooperation, November 28.