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CCIDConnection Correlation Identifier
CCIDCall Correlation Identifier
CCIDCustoms Client Identifier
CCIDChip/Smart Card Interface Devices
CCIDCoordinating Center for Infectious Diseases (formerly known as the National Center for Infectious Diseases)
CCIDCentral California Irrigation District (est. 1951)
CCIDChina Center for Information Industry Development
CCIDCommunity Colleges for International Development
CCIDCircuit Card Interface Device (Universal Serial Bus)
CCIDCoalition Combat Identification
CCIDCenter for Complex Infectious Diseases (Rosemead California)
CCIDCredit Card Identification
CCIDConfidential Chemicals Identification System
CCIDCall Correlation Identifier (Sprint-ATM)
CCIDCorporate Customer Information Database
CCIDChambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de la Dordogne (French: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dordogne; Dordogne, France)
CCIDCampus Computing Identification (various universities; Canada)
CCIDClaim Confirmation & Invoice Details
CCIDComputers, Communications & Information Dissemination
CCIDCharging Circuit Interrupting Device
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Neurolenin B significantly inhibited the formation of "circular chemorepellent induced defects" (CCIDs) within the LEC monolayer, which are areas through which tumours transmigrate and colonise lymph nodes (Fig.
CCID Consulting's research shows that users in North China, East China and South China could easily accept open-source software; the demand in central China is growing rapidly; while markets in northeast, northwest and southwest China are in a start-up stage.
Werner Kubsch Award was established by CCID in 1987 to recognize outstanding achievements in international education related to community colleges.
CCID Consulting's data shows that the growth of sales volume of China's DVD player slowed down from 2003 to 2006.
The management of the new 24 Express stores will be under a new CCID division called CCI 24 Express.
Based on four major competitive areas: powerful data channels, industrial resources, intense knowledge and a deep understanding of information technology, CCID Consulting provides customers with consulting, research and IT outsourcing services covering strategic planning, IT applications, marketing strategies, human resources and information technology outsourcing.
According to CCID analyst Qiu Shiming, continuous breakthroughs in wind power generation technology have been made "and the economies of scale have become more apparent." Statistics show that between 1980 and 2005, the cost of wind power generation has dropped by over 90%, faster than that of the other forms of renewable energy.
Tat-Wing Chen, director of Technical Service, and Ganies Xu, director of Consulting Service of Sybase Software (China) Ltd., received the medal and certificate from the chairman of CCID. The "Best Customer Service Award" was the only award presented to database management system vendors.
Sponsored by the US Joint Forces Command, the Coalition Combat Identification (CCID) ACTD will demonstrate and transition hardware and software providing situational awareness, "blue force" (i.e., joint coalition force) tracking interoperability systems, target-identification systems, modeling and simulation, joint training, requirements and architecture definition, concepts of operation (CONOPS), doctrine and techniques, tactics, and procedures for a new combat-identification capability across joint, allied, and coalition operations.
PC shipments in China grew 15.7% year-on-year to 2.04 million units in the first six months, with notebook shipments up 29.1% to 133,000 according to figures from the official Center of Computer and Microelectronic Industry Development (CCID).
(CCID) member institutions across Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States of America can use to facilitate a system of credit transfer.
Simulations of the Central California Irrigation District (CCID), Broadview Water District, and Westlands Water District reflect conditions in districts with relatively high, medium, and low water allotments, respectively.