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CCIDCall Correlation Identifier
CCIDCustoms Client Identifier
CCIDConnection Correlation Identifier
CCIDChip/Smart Card Interface Devices
CCIDCoordinating Center for Infectious Diseases (formerly known as the National Center for Infectious Diseases)
CCIDCentral California Irrigation District (est. 1951)
CCIDChina Center for Information Industry Development
CCIDCommunity Colleges for International Development
CCIDCircuit Card Interface Device (Universal Serial Bus)
CCIDCoalition Combat Identification
CCIDCenter for Complex Infectious Diseases (Rosemead California)
CCIDCredit Card Identification
CCIDConfidential Chemicals Identification System
CCIDCall Correlation Identifier (Sprint-ATM)
CCIDCorporate Customer Information Database
CCIDChambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de la Dordogne (French: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dordogne; Dordogne, France)
CCIDCampus Computing Identification (various universities; Canada)
CCIDClaim Confirmation & Invoice Details
CCIDComputers, Communications & Information Dissemination
CCIDCharging Circuit Interrupting Device
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Despite the many challenges, CCID Consulting believes that the next generation data center market will continue to maintain a fairly fast growth momentum in the future.
The handover of the kiosk to the Cape Town CCID today forms part of the delivery of the Safety Kiosks under the new Safety Partnerships which will see the roll out of 40 Safety Kiosks by the Department of Community Safety and relevant safety stakeholders and will enable communities to play an active role in identifying and resolving safety concerns that exist within their neighbourhoods.
CCID Consulting statistics show that Internet industry scale has reached 116.
Looking forward to the future, CCID Consulting forecasts the following:
CCID Consulting considers that in order to ensure the favorable communication quality, manufacturers should possess some dual mode terminals.
According to the statistics of CCID Consulting, its compound average growth rate was 38% from 2009 to 2011.
Big data is big business, but its rapid growth has outpaced colleges and universities ability to develop and implement new curriculums, said Li Shu Chong, President, CCID Consulting.
Based on four major competitive areas of the powerful data channels, industrial resources, intense knowledge and deep understanding of information technology, CCID Consulting provides customers with consulting, research and IT outsourcing services covering strategy planning, IT application, marketing strategy, human resources and information technology outsourcing.
Contact: CCID, 6301 Kirkwood Boulevard, SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406; (319) 398-5653, fax (319) 398-7113, ccid@kirkwood.
According to CCID Consulting, the investment in hardware products by users in China's financial industry in 2012 is expected to grow only 4.
Statistics of CCID Consulting show that the sales volume of white goods reached 72.
According to the statistics of CCID Consulting, more than 40 kinds of financial IC cards had been issued by China's major banks by 2011.