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CCIFCoordinated Communications Infrastructure Fund (Australia)
CCIFCell Culture Immunofluorescence
CCIFChild Care Initiatives Fund (est. 1988; National Child Care Strategy; Canada)
CCIFCableCard Interface
CCIFInternational Telephone Advisory Committee
CCIFCombat Commander Initiative Fund
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Certain Information About Distributions The determination of the tax attributes of CCIF 2016 T's and CCIF -- I's distributions are made annually as of the end of its fiscal year based upon its taxable income and distributions paid, in each case, for the full year.
New College Nottingham has received grants of Au15 million from the CCIF, enabling a total investment of Au27 million to build the region s largest construction training centre.
39) Combatant commanders may also use up to $5 million from the CCIF in any fiscal year "to provide military education and training (including transportation, translation, and administrative expenses) to military and related civilian personnel of foreign countries.
012860 for the last week of November for CCIF 2016 T and CCIF -- I, with a record date of December 1, 2015 and a payment date of December 30, 2015.
0 features new audio measurements based on industry standards, such as AES, SMPTE, DIN, ITU and CCIF.
CCIF is advised by Carey Credit Advisors, LLC, an affiliate of W.
Subsequent to quarter end, the registration statements for Carey Credit Income Fund 2016 T and Carey Credit Income Fund-I were declared effective by the SEC, enabling the Company to commence capital raising on their behalf as feeder funds for CCIF, the Company's first business development company (BDC).
CCIF is a non-traded business development company that intends to invest primarily in large, privately-negotiated loans to private middle market U.