CCIISCoalition CBRN Information Interoperability Study
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In this work, we evaluate the suitability of OBT for testing CCIIs for the first time and develop a novel test procedure for CCIIs accordingly by making use of the linear characteristics in the feedbackloop.
In this view, DDCC contains powerful sides of both the CCII and the differential difference amplifier (DDA).
Rennick said the hope is that the CCIIS (and the Y-CCIIS for younger school-age children) will help characterize the range of psychological responses children have to PICU admissions, and to identify those who may require monitoring or a referral for counseling based on their responses.
It has three interesting characteristics making them highly suitable to design other current-mode building blocks especially CCIIs:
where [[epsilon].sub.Ca] and [[epsilon].sub.Cb] are current transfer errors od X node to Z node for the first and second CCIIs, respectively.
A simpler approach would only demand an extra-X stage, resulting in a new active element, named EX-CCII (with buffered output), as DX is already reserved for dual-X CCII. As compared to a DXCCII, an EX-CCII has both X1 and X2 terminal voltage of same polarity as that of terminal Y.
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Another group of active elements used for the design of analogue function blocks are the current conveyors (CCs) and their three generation CCI [2], CCII [3], and CCIII [4], where the second generation current conveyor (CCII) is probably mostly discussed one.
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