CCINCastello Cities Internet Network (websites)
CCINCanadian Cryospheric Information Network
CCINChronic Conditions Information Network
CCINChernobyl Children in Need
CCINCustom Card Identification Number
CCINConjunctival-Corneal Intraepithelial Neoplasia (ophthalmology)
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Six patients had pathologically proven CCIN (85.7%) and 1 had SCC (14.3%).
Cardiff will also host a visit from the CCIN on April 14 to discuss future opportunities.
Na tabela 1 encontram-se os resultados referentes as caracteristicas gerais e analise das variaveis antropometricas nos momentos M0 (pre-treinamento) e M1 (postreinamento), nessa mesma tabela observa-se a manutencao do perfil eutrofico, bem como, a reducao em media de 1,5 cm para a CCin.
In a 10-year retrospective review of ocular surface neoplasia, MMC was shown to have a highly effective role as primary therapy for PAM and CCIN and to be useful as an adjunctive to surgery with cryotherapy, brachytherapy for SCC, melanoma and SGC with pagetoid spread.
Tabela 1--Composicao corporal medida por DEXA e nivel de hidratacao medida por bioimpedancia, antes e apos oito semanas de administracao do produto termogenico Variaveis Antes Apos [DELTA] [DELTA]% Massa Corporal (kg) 101,8 100,2 -1,6 -1,6 IMC (kg/[m.sup.2]) 30,1 29,6 -0,5 -1,7 CCin (cm) 100,5 99,0 -1,5 -1,5 %G (DEXA-total) 25,7 24,4 -1,3 -5,1 %G (DEXA-tronco) 30,2 25,4 -4,8 -15,9 %G (DEXA-pernas) 24,9 24,2 -0,7 -2,8 Massa Gorda (kg) 26,5 24,4 -2,1 -7,9 Massa Magra (kg) 73,5 75,6 2,1 2,9 Agua total (L) 57,0 56,1 -0,9 -1,6 TMB (kcal) 2058 2031 -27,0 -1,3 IMC (Indice de massa corporal); CCin (Circunferencia da cintura); %G (Percentual de gordura); TMB (Taxa metabolica basal medida por bioimpedancia).
An ad hoc Committee on Chemical Identity and Nomenclature Systems (CCINS) has been established, with Alan D.