CCIPSComputer Crime and Intellectual Property Section
CCIPSComputer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (Justice Department)
CCIPSCanadian Council for International Peace and Security
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of digital evidence); see also CCIPS guidelines, supra note 145, at 127
The files may be encrypted, misleadingly titled, stored in unusual file formats, or commingled with millions of unrelated, innocuous and even statutorily protected files (USA CCIPS, pp.
CCIPS (2001) 'Field Guidance on New Authorities that Relate to Computer Crime and Electronic Evidence Enacted in the USA Patriot Act of 2001' <http://www.
CCIPS MANUAL, supra note 71, at 91; In re Application of the United States for an Order Authorizing the Use of a Pen Register, 396 F.
CCIPS MANUAL, supra note 71, at 112 (stating that the subject line "can contain content"); see also Kerr, supra note 49, at 613.
Brian Billhartz, senior vice president of Wrap Up Insurance Solutions, which provides agents and brokers with expertise on wrap-up coverages, notes that traditional wrap-ups go back at least 40 or 50 years, but the last decade has seen not only the emergence of CCIPS, but GL-only wraps that have attracted surplus-lines carriers not traditionally involved in construction.
CCIPS is also hoping to deter would-be hackers before they begin.