CCIRSCredit Contingent Interest Rate Swap
CCIRSCurrency and Interest Rate Swaps
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The total cash required to repay the Notes and the CCIRS was equivalent to US$108.4 million plus accrued interest.
A USD250 million CCIRS was concluded to hedge the foreign exchange risk on the USD Bond and swap the USD 3.25% coupon for a fixed ZAR interest rate of 9.8%.
In addition to nominating CCIRs, the staff also identfies and nominates those aspects about the friendly force that must be protected.
In this study, comparative test data were adopted to report on the performance of learning classical Chinese in two learning scenarios, with and without CCIRS, and both qualitative and quantitative approaches were employed.
The primary products of mission analysis are staff estimates, the mission statement, a refined operational approach, the commander's intent statement, updated planning guidance, and the commander's critical information requirements (CCIRs).
In the same earthquake scenario, FISC San Diego would be the major player in their role as Lead FISC supporting the Region, directing requests for information and support to NAVSUP activities, while NEXCOM would procure food, fuel and lodging and NAVSISA would issue CCIRs regarding information system outages resulting from the contingency.
CCIRs are linked to expected decisions, which rest either explicitly or implicitly on assumptions.
The platform level CBRN data streams and updates would provide command echelons with required, regularly updated CBRN CCIR for operational forces to provide a better understanding of CBRN events.
Define CCIRs. A commander must be personally involved in defining the essential information that he wants to be made aware of at all times.
The regional update section captures data relevant to the battalion's AOR based on a commander's critical information requirements (CCIRs)/priority intelligence requirements-driven analysis.
All members of the company CP must be familiar with the CCIRs, EEFIs, and PIRs designated for each operation.