CCJACour Commune de Justice et d'Arbitrage (French: Common Court of Justice and Arbitration)
CCJACanadian Criminal Justice Association
CCJACommon Court of Justice and Arbitration
CCJAColorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts
CCJACommunity College Journalism Association
CCJACenter for Criminal Justice Advocacy
CCJACommunauté de Communes du Jura Alsacien (French: Community of Communes of the Alsatian Jura)
CCJAColorado Criminal Justice Association
CCJABritish Columbia Criminal Justice Association (also seen as BCCJA)
CCJACounty Criminal Justice Aid
CCJACoordinating Committee for Journalist Associations
CCJACertificate in Criminal Justice Administration
CCJACyanosis, Clubbing, Jaundice and Anaemia
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The CCJA fixed the arbitrators' fees at approximately 61,000 [euro].
Eventually, the CCJA denied the request by written order, citing precedent establishing that an "arbitrator's fees and expenses are set exclusively by" the CCJA.
Embedded within OHADA, the CCJA is different in important ways from the other international courts (ICs) discussed in this issue.
As a result, specific Aboriginal programs and policies have been developed at all levels of government (federal, provincial, and territorial levels), initiatives introduced to increase the cultural relevance of justice processes and to educate non-Indigenous criminal justice practitioners to work in a more culturally sensitive manner (CCJA, 2000).
According to section 2.17 of the Workplace Accommodation Policy, individual managers at the local level "are accountable and responsible for the implementation of workplace accommodation solutions." Matt was consenting to allow the CCJA to conduct a workplace assessment so that it could "determine the barriers and difficulties that 'you' experience in performing your work tasks, and to have the evaluator make recommendations to alleviate these difficulties."
Using research that went back to the 1980s, the CCJA found that:
Rosdahl said that community colleges that are in the CCJA have won a hard-earned reputation for excellence.
* Canadian Criminal Justice Association (CCJA), Conference, June 20-23, Halifax, Nova Scotia.