CCJCChurch Council on Justice and Corrections (Canada)
CCJCCoca-Cola Japan Company
CCJCCuyahoga County Juvenile Court (Cleveland, OH)
CCJCColumbia City Jazz Company (Columbia, SC)
CCJCCook County Juvenile Court (Illinois)
CCJCCalvary Chapel Johnson County (Olathe, KS)
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Specifically, CCJC is committed to promoting increased transparency and public reporting by the Cook County Juvenile Court, the alignment of child protection and juvenile justice court processes with established best practices, and advancing public understanding of the role and work of the court and detention center.
When the CCJC sent a delegation to the Mayor of Toronto in an attempt to resolve this issue, his assistant stated that "we don't want them here but we can't legally keep them out.
28) The Protestant churches and the CCJC did not hide these motivations.
The Protestant church and the CCJC attempted, on the one hand, to find work for Nisei women for which they were trained, while, on the other, in a pragmatic effort to expedite Japanese Canadian settlement in the east, the CCJC and the Protestant churches contradicted these efforts by encouraging Nisei women to accept domestic service jobs for which they had no training or desire to accept.
In 1944 the CCJC began to change its strategy for finding Nisei women work.
36) Japanese Canadians, such as Shuichi Sasaki and Kimi Takimoto, who were members of Toronto's United Church of All Nations and the CCJC sub-committees, assumed leadership roles; they worked towards creating an environment in Toronto favorable to all Japanese Canadians, not just members of the Church.
64) However, the experience of the Protestant churches and the CCJC illustrates that the process was not as uniform, or secular, as historians suggest.
The CCJC also worked towards finding housing in creative ways by drawing on social networks that existed at the parish level.
The Protestant churches and the CCJC took a particular interest in the area of employment from the outset of their involvement, yet both experienced limitations in what could be accomplished.
During the initial period of resettlement in Toronto, the Protestant churches and the CCJC worked towards overcoming legal barriers to owning and renting property, and, with co-operation from the "Y" organizations, were able to find temporary housing.
The CCJC, as perhaps befits an installment in the series of Cambridge Companions to Religion, takes a theological and historical perspective on John Calvin.
Murphy joined the CCJC in 1994 after her appointment by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.