CCJRCurrent Concepts in Joint Replacement
CCJRCampaign for Criminal Justice Reform (The Justice Project)
CCJRCentre for Criminal Justice Research (Canada)
CCJRCassie, Chris, Jeremy and Rich (band)
CCJRConcerned Citizens for Judicial Reform (Florida)
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The use of waiver authority to alter statutory payment formulas--in the case of CCJR, to reconcile payments for episodes of care to decrease reimbursements to inefficient providers and increase them for providers with low costs and good outcomes--mirrors the full extent of expansion authority, which is to say, a new payment model that supersedes the existing fee-for-service method.
The PTPN CCJR Marketing Toolkit is designed to help therapists secure preferred outpatient therapy provider status in the CCJR model.
PTPN Vice President Nancy Rothenberg added that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) agrees: "CMS has set low expectations for savings to occur in the inpatient portion of a CCJR episode of care," Rothenberg said.
While the templates are designed for the Medicare CCJR model, they can be easily adapted for the many other types of alternative payment methodologies that are proliferating in the commercial insurance marketplace.
Experts are predicting that hospitals' success or failure in the CCJR initiative will depend largely on quality care and outcomes.
(44) CCJR, debate/1022-draft1964nov.
With CMS' recent announcement of its Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CCJR) payment model and its plan to implement in seventy-five geographic areas, hospitals must be prepared to manage the entire episode of care from the time of surgery through ninety days after discharge.
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