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CCKChoa Chu Kang (Singapore)
CCKContent Construction Kit (Drupal)
CCKComplementary Code Keying (RF modulation)
CCKCiudad Cultural Konex (Spanish: Konex Cultural City, Argentina)
CCKComplementary Code Keying
CCKContent Construction Kit
CCKComputer Connection Kit
CCKCommon Cipher Key
CCKCpu Cooling Kit
CCKCommunications Commission of Kenya
CCKChristian Council of Korea (South Korea)
CCKClient Customization Kit
CCKCrown Cork & Seal Company, Inc (Philadelphia, PA)
CCKChurch Of Christ the King (Brighton, UK)
CCKCancer Center for Kids (Mineola, NY)
CCKCocos-Keeling Island (airport and country code)
CCKContracting Command Korea
CCKColor Clock
CCKCyclo Club Kingersheim (French cycling club)
CCKCentre de Calcul Khawarizmi (French: Khawarizmi Computing Center; Tunisia)
CCKConti Comfort Kit (tire air compressor)
CCKChair Command Kill
CCKCabinet de Conseil Karaj (French; law and tax consultancy; Lausanne, Switzerland)
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The researchers wanted to see if there was any significance between levels of CCK and levels of memory and gray matter in the hippocampus and other important areas.
As shown in (1), the CCK code word is determined by the four phase parameters [[phi].sub.1], [[phi].sub.2], [[phi].sub.3], and [[phi].sub.4], where [[phi].sub.1] is contained in all eight chips, [[phi].sub.2] is contained in all the odd chips, [[phi].sub.3] is contained in all odd pairs of chips, and [[phi].sub.4] is contained in all odd quads of chips.
In a second step, and for each substance (CBZ, IPR and CCK) and time point (D7, D14 and D21), gene datasets were analyzed with Ingenuity Pathway Analysis for annotation, and the results are reported in Table S2 ( altex.1601253s2).
On the other hand, the pretreatment of the macrophage culture with different concentrations of CCK inhibited the nitrite production.
As shown in Figure 2, the secretion of the serum GIH ghrelin, CCK, and secretin was closely related to [alpha]-amylase activity in the duodenum.
(10) Another misconception involves the idea that the reproduction of patient symptoms with CCK injection is another predictor of success with cholecystectomy.
CRISIL's rating on Petronet CCK Ltd's (PCCKL's) bank facilities continues to reflect the strong operational and financial support PCCKL receives from Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL; rated 'AAA/FAAA/Negative/P1+' by CRISIL) and strong market position derived from being a favoured mode for transportation of petroleum products.
Bionomics has previously reported that BNC210, in a rodent model of CCK induced anxiety, overcomes the effects of CCK.
The Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK), the official telecommunication ind ustry regulator, said there was no truth in the report.
At the gastrointestinal tract level, the presence of food in the stomach is indicated (and relayed to the brain) by signals such as stomach distension and the release of gut hormones such as cholecystokinin (CCK) and glucagon-like peptide (GLP1).
The government, through the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK), will publish Quality of Service Regulations compelling all the mobile operators and communications companies to improve their service delivery.
The Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) has chosen PortingXS to provide number portability to the East-African country, the Dutch number portability services provider said on Monday.