CCLADCalifornia Conference of Local AIDS Directors (San Diego, CA)
CCLADClimate Change Levy Accounting Document (UK)
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The CCLAD operates nationwide and is headed by a National Police Commissioner appointed in October 2010.
On September 3, near Dirkou, in Agadez region, the CCLAD with support from other security forces apprehended traffickers aboard three vehicles carrying a total of at least 3,200 kilograms of cannabis resin with an illicit market value of 13 billion CFA ($27.5 million).
Currently, there are two brands of CCLADS on the market: the Wand[TM] by Milestone Scientific and Comfort Control[TM] Syringe by Dentsply Professional.
Ease of administration with the CCLADS compared favorably with the traditional technique.
The CCLADS is activated as the needle is placed at a 45-degree angle to the palate and slowly advanced until bone is contacted (Figure 6).