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The first series of PD days took place over 5 months, and a series of follow-up workshops were expected "to support the PBLA community of practice" (CCLB E-learning, n.d.).
Despite multiple challenges reported by teachers in their attempts to adhere to the mandatory assessment protocol, the official PBLA discourse seems to be oblivious to the gravity of the issues, and attributes them either to "growing pains" that will gradually transform into visible benefits for all stakeholders, as teachers and SPOs adjust to the new demands (CCLB, 2017d), or to "resistance to change" that should be addressed accordingly (CCLB, 2017e).
She served on the Board and as Regional Trainer for the CCLB. During her Master's degree at the University of Alberta, she investigated "Sense of Place" among newcomers to rural settings, and continues to explore that experience in her personal life.
Accordingly, I examined all fourteen of the official publications produced by the CCLB and listed on their website (Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks [CCLB], 2007), reasoning that these publications, by virtue of their appearance on this website, held official status in this context.
I examined hundreds of other documents and texts found in an extensive database of resources kept, but not vetted by, the CCLB (CCLB, 2007).
Learners need to develop an awareness of interpersonal norms in their new culture...(CCLB, 2012, p.
This first step eventually led to the development of our project team, which included two project leads and several regional coaches, all working through the CCLB.
The information below summarizes the main principles of incorporating language structures in a task, as outlined in the literature on the TLBT and in the CLBs (CCLB, 2013b, p.
In other words, rather than focusing on one grammatical competence, a task should target a combination of different competences--for example, grammatical and discourse competences (CCLB, 2012).
(1) A note should be made here about the terminology used in the documents developed by the CCLB. The new edition of the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB, 2012a) and a supporting document that explains the framework of communicative competence as a theoretical foundation for the CLBs (CCLB, 2013) do not use the term competence.
offers, invitations and compliments)" (CCLB, 2012a, p.
Based on pragmatics outcomes statements for speaking (CCLB, 2012), learners began at a CLB 7 and progressed toward a CLB 8 or 9 by the end of the course.