CCLIChristian Copyright Licensing International (est. 1988; Portland, OR)
CCLICourse, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (higher education program; National Science Foundation)
CCLIComputer Control List Item (US DoD)
CCLIConserving California Landscapes Initiative (est. 1998)
CCLICommon Chinese Language Interface
CCLICommerce Control List Items
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There's strength in numbers, which have grown rapidly as dozens of companies have joined the effort and come together as the CCLI. We now have a bigger collective voice to educate lawmakers and the public about the economic and educational value of libraries and the deleterious effect of a funding cut.
However, it was not until 2002 that the participation issue resolved itself when the lead author was invited to an NSF CCLI panel review.
This work is funded in part by NSF CCLI Grant DUE 0231363.
quyre London (sEM) quire ccli. 322 Catholicon Angl entire 1483 Caxton Cato I j entyrly acquire 1483 Naval Acc.
ccli is not affected by urine alkalisation; additional intake of bicarbonate probably has no influence on the intracellular bacterial deconjugation of hydroquinone conjugates.
Rico, 1: ccli), a letter which Cervantes' mother presents to the War Council in support of her petition for its assistance in assembling the money needed for her son's ransom.
ccli, which were expressing a GST-entamoebic Fe-hydrogenase 1 fusion-enzyme (Table 1) (Smith and Johnson, 1988).
ccli resistance rates to decide which of the three usual first-line drugs--trimethoprim/ sulfamethoxazole, nitrofurantoin (Macrodantin), or cephalexin (Keflex)--will work best in your practice.
"Preambule h la lecture d'un Rgya bod yig tshang." Journal Asiatique CCLI (1963): 53-159.
In the face of looming federal budget cuts, they are not backing down, and the Corporate Committee for Library Investment (CCLI) partnership between businesses and the American Library Association is making sure Congress knows it.