CCLIChristian Copyright Licensing International (est. 1988; Portland, OR)
CCLICourse, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (higher education program; National Science Foundation)
CCLIConserving California Landscapes Initiative (est. 1998)
CCLICommon Chinese Language Interface
CCLICommerce Control List Items
CCLIcomputer control list item (US DoD)
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The CCLI now numbers more than 90 companies and trade associations (Information Today, Inc.
En cuanto al cancionero mariano, las siguientes cantigas ofrecen indicios parecidos: XVIII, CCXXIV, CCLI y CCCXLVII.
35) See Dabbs v Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada (1998), 40 OR (3d) 429, 5 CCLI (3d) 18 (Ont Ct J (Gen Div)) (for the oft cited decision on this).
As an example, CUR should work with the National Science Foundation and the appropriate science-education committees in Congress to see that funding for NSF's Transforming Undergraduate Education (TUES) program in the Division of Undergraduate Education is funded at a level that would enable it to have a true national impact (TUES was formerly called the Course Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement or CCLI program).
515) 88 OR (3d) 796, 58 CCLI (4th) 197 (SCJ) [Hawkes].
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43) (1999), 131 Man R (2e) 295, 5 CCLI (3c) 282 (CA).
32) Schuster v Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (2009), 78 CCLI (4th) 216, 83 CPC (6th) 365 at paras 1, 54 (Ont Sup Ct).
In 2009, a National Science Foundation CCLI (Course Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement) grant was awarded to Ohio University Southern (OUS) to improve opportunities in STEM education as part of NSF's effort to ensure that state-of-the-art equipment and learning opportunities are available to all students nationally.
Developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) in response to the growing trend of congested roads and commuter stress, the CCLI program encourages employers to offer commuter benefits to their work staff to decrease commute times, increase worker quality of life and reduce air pollution.
See also Maddaloni v ING Groupe Commerce (2003), 43 CPC (5th) 377 at para 30, 6 CCLI (4th) 130 (Ont Sup Ct) (an unconditional fnc stay was issued despite "a chance" that the foreign court might stay the action due to a time bar--again because it was entirely the plaintiff's fault).
Past honorees include Sandi Patty, Amy Grant, Dan Harrell and Michael Blanton, Jars of Clay, SoundScan, CCLI, CCM Communications, the Gaither "Homecoming Series," the "WoW" series, NARM and Chordant Distribution Group.