CCLINCentre de Coordination de Lutte contre les Infections Nosocomiales (French: Coordination Centre for the Fight against Nosocomial Infections)
CCLINCentres de Coordination de la Lutte contre les Infections Nosocomiales (French: Center Coordinating the Fight Against Nosocomial Infections)
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Cases had to be reported to regional infection control coordinating centers (CCLIN) (22) and local health departments through the national nosocomial infection notification system.
Recommendations for surveillance and control were disseminated to all hospitals (through specific postings on the InVS Web site and email from CCLIN to infection control units and laboratories) and then implemented by infection control units.
The system relies on hospital infection control units and is coordinated at the regional level by CCLIN created in 1992 (22) and at the national level by InVS, which enables events of national importance to be detected.