CCLSCCoventry City London Supporters Club (football fan club; UK)
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The CCLSC had 130 members last year, of which 40-45 had season tickets at the Ricoh Arena.
"It is, in our opinion, a truly unique award, as it captures votes from members for every match that they attend or watch live on TV, throughout the season," said a spokesman for the CCLSC.
Regional groups like CCLSC and the Coventry City South Wales Supporters Club are an invaluable resource for fans in exile.
Thanks to a succession of dedicated chairmen and secretaries, one for a time a certain Gary Hoffman, CCLSC has continued to thrive as a shining example of what proper football support is all about.
The more recent Sky Blues International initiative was launched as an arm of CCLSC, and now represents some 250 Sky Blue fans in 35 countries around the world.
In 2001, at CCLSC's 25th anniversary dinner in London, Oggy was presented with a crystal football as the Player of the Millenium, having received the most all-time votes.
CCLSC - who will also be making a special presentation to Marcus Hall to mark his loyal service - promotes social events and other activities in London and Coventry as well as sponsoring the match-ball and players' kits.
Since its formation in 1976, CCLSC has been a staunch contributor to the Sky Blues cause, with a membership that extends worldwide.
Successive City chairmen have championed CCLSC, whilst CCLSC has sold thousands of match tickets and promoted dozens of social events in London and Coventry.