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CCMCConnecticut Children's Medical Center (Hartford, CT)
CCMCCommission for Case Manager Certification
CCMCCommunications Consortium Media Center
CCMCCertified Career Management Coach
CCMCCebu City Medical Center (Philippines)
CCMCCommunity Coordinated Modeling Center (NASA)
CCMCChildren with Complex Medical Conditions (Medicaid waiver)
CCMCCeramic and Composite Materials Center (University of New Mexico)
CCMCCanadian Construction Material Center
CCMCCryptologic Communications Management Center
CCMCCatholic Charities of Monroe County (Michigan)
CCMCCertificate in Canadian Marketing Communications (Institute of Communications and Advertising)
CCMCCommonwealth Cable Management Committee
CCMCCustomer Control Management Center
CCMCContinuous-Input Continuous-Output Memoryless Channel
CCMCCanadian Center for Maritime Communications
CCMCCross Cultural Marketing Consultant
CCMCCalifornia Colloquium on Management Communication
CCMCCLAC Certified Management Consultant
CCMCComite des Constructeurs d'Automobile du Marche Commun (French: Common Market Automobile Manufacturers Association)
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In support of the cause, we also invited the CCMC staff to run with us and help raise funds for the rebuilding of the city hospital," said Dano.
Nobody could quarrel with the mayor's stance because the Department of Engineering and Public Works and the Office of the Building Official practically condemned the CCMC after the two agencies assessed the facility.
If we want to help our economy catch fire and keep a steady burn, lending to small business is like putting a match to the kindling," said David Hirschmann, president and CEO of CCMC.
Banacia said he sent six ambulances to the school to transport the students to CCMC.
The construction of a new CCMC, which will be a 10-storey facility with almost 500 beds, is estimated to cost a total of P1.
Through the completion of my third year and into my senior year (during which we moved from CCMC to the Pennsylvania Military College [PMC]), Deans Stewart (by then Thompson) and Dower continued to be very supportive and encouraging.
The CCMC program takes place via teleseminar - two hours each week - for a total of 30 class hours.
We look forward to working with CCMC and Tianjin Fuhao for many years to come, the synergies and the shared resources will continue to stimulate growth for all three companies.
It is only since I joined the choir that I have seen some of the work that goes on behind the scenes to raise the profile of Coventry, and we in the CCMC are proud to have played a small part in supporting Jack in his efforts.
To read the rest of this piece from the CCMC, please visit us on the Web at www.
CCMC sought to provide MRI services at the hospital's forty-one bed, acute care facility in Hardeeville.
Home to the University of Connecticut School of Medicine Department of pediatrics, CCMC found that delivering quality outpatient diabetic care to children--the right approach--was simply not profitable.