CCMDCanadian Centre for Management Development
CCMDChinese Classification of Mental Disorders (clinical guide)
CCMDCommittee on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases (est. 1996)
CCMDChip Carrier Mounting Device
CCMDCentre de Coordination des Missions Doctorales (French: Doctoral Mission Coordination Center; various universities)
CCMDContinuous Current Monitoring Device
CCMDCranio-Cervico-Mandibular Disorders (dentistry)
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Operationally, the CCMD and the combined forces air component commander conduct airborne ISR assessment under the authority of the joint forces commander (JFC).
Traditionally, a CCMD consists of subordinate commands that could be grouped into three categories: Service components, subunified commands, and functional components.
While the frameworks developed by USPACOM may not exactly match the analytic processes implemented in other CCMDs, they serve as a good starting point for linking indicators to higher level planning objectives.
Military police leaders who serve within the CCMD framework (including nonjoint military police leaders who operate at the assigned subordinate Army service component command) influence joint planning matters that directly impact the Army operating concept and the military police STRATPLAN.
Ken was a participant in a key summit meeting of public sector service delivery leaders from across Canada at CCMD in July 1997.
For voice and data, CCMD initially worked with a provider that could not deliver the quality of service CCMD demanded, due in part to their reliance on public Internet delivery.
At the same time, the military is in the midst of drawing down and resetting following a decade plus of combat while CCMD demand continues to outpace availability of resources and capacity due to an ever-evolving and dynamic security environment.
After the CCMD forwards the nomination, the Joint Staff/J-4 forwards the request to the J-5 and the Office of the Chairman's Legal Counsel.
Newcomer CCMD succeeds in cornering world's third largest retailer to significantly expand in Sri Lanka
The CCMD, which was then the Canadian government's management development arm, worked with the CCL to develop and implement a program over the course of seven years that helped leaders successfully transform government organizations and cope with ongoing change.
Within weeks, the EPA brought down its recommendation on the CCMD proposal, but its language was so choked with bureaucratic doublespeak that nobody knew whether it meant yes or no.
Current CCMD operation plans (OPLANS) consistently use opaque and inaccurate terms such as IAMD operations and IAMD forces, usually in an IAMD appendix to the operations annex.