CCMDCanadian Centre for Management Development
CCMDChinese Classification of Mental Disorders (clinical guide)
CCMDCommittee on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases (est. 1996)
CCMDChip Carrier Mounting Device
CCMDCentre de Coordination des Missions Doctorales (French: Doctoral Mission Coordination Center; various universities)
CCMDContinuous Current Monitoring Device
CCMDCranio-Cervico-Mandibular Disorders (dentistry)
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In the past, CCMD headquarters relied on subordinate task forces as the operational sinew for the theater; now, however, the USPACOM directorates fulfill the operational as well as traditional strategic responsibilities.
For voice and data, CCMD initially worked with a provider that could not deliver the quality of service CCMD demanded, due in part to their reliance on public Internet delivery.
Unifying the mission command of these groups and consolidating elements that perform similar roles and functions will improve synchronization and streamline coordination of the Army's operational-level CI and HUMINT activities to better achieve a unity of effort that maximizes the effectiveness of Army CI and HUMINT operations in support of Army, CCMD, and IC requirements.
At the same time, the military is in the midst of drawing down and resetting following a decade plus of combat while CCMD demand continues to outpace availability of resources and capacity due to an ever-evolving and dynamic security environment.
After the CCMD forwards the nomination, the Joint Staff/J-4 forwards the request to the J-5 and the Office of the Chairman's Legal Counsel.
else being equal, the CCMD Value will reduce to zero as the termination date of
CCMD and CCL took an exploratory approach to program development, in the early days and as the training curriculum was modified over time.
By August 2008, the initial baseline JLLIS had been installed in all 10 CCMDs, the four Services, and three combat support agencies (CSAs).
As theater intelligence "problem solvers," the MIB(T)s also facilitate INSCOM's support to regional Treaty Partners and Allies, reinforcing CCMD Phase 0/1 priorities while enhancing the Global Response Force's (GRF) ability to respond to any global crisis.
He correctly summarized that issues impacting more than one CCMD would probably receive a greater priority during the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) review and capability gaps validation.
has been the CCMD Value, which has increased the NAV as a result of the
This chapter will assist CCMD planners in developing their command's campaign and using it to link theater operations to national strategy and CCMD campaign plans to subordinate contingency plans.