CCMDSCryofracture Chemical Munitions Disposal System
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* Provide National Intelligence Program support to the intelligence community, combatant commands (CCMDs), and Army organizations.
It directs the joint force to conduct "exercises involving multiple CCMDs, the Joint Staff, and appropriate CSAs (Combat Support Agencies) oriented on the priority strategic challenges [2+3] and homeland defense." These exercises should "strengthen the 'connective tissue' between leaders and organizations, validate assumptions, examine globally integrated operations and other mature concepts, test key ideas, and confirm the joint force can execute assigned missions." (12)
Recent USD(I) studies may provide a useful methodological baseline but the air component, assisted by the CCMDs and the JCS/J32, should take a prominent role as the owner of a preponderance of theater assets and as the collection operations manager in several ongoing conflicts.
CCMD and subordinate logistic planners must keep in mind that while CUL [common-user logistics] support can be very efficient, it may not always be the most effective method of support.
Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that military police leaders should compete for joint duty assignments and for joint assignments at a combatant command (CCMD), such as Africa Command (AFRICOM).
The J3 Directorate of the Joint Staff, in collaboration with the J8, services and CCMDs, develops and publishes (upon SECDEF approval) the annual allocation of forces for the next fiscal year (usually in the January/February timeframe) in the Global Force Management Allocation Plan (GFMAP).
(19) The program serves two functions: to assess and align Joint Staff processes as the global integrator and to "create opportunities for [senior leaders] to increase their understanding and experience for globally integrated operations and strengthen their ability to work effectively with the Joint Staff, CCMDs, Services, interagency, and Allies and partners, to address global integration/TMM threats." (20) Ultimately, the intended endstate is to develop mechanisms to enable the Joint Force and Joint Staff/Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) to operate at the speed of war.
Combatant commands (CCMD) develop theater campaign plans (TCP) to organize and align operations, actions, and activities that achieve strategic effect.
(14) To assist in comprehending those authorities and directives, the next two sections provide a brief overview of how forces are to be provided to CCMDs and what missions RAF are expected to support short of combat operations.
Sitting at his desk in early December, he was getting ready to pour a cup of coffee when his Division Chief asked him to track down and consolidate any Combatant Command (CCMD) Integrated Priority List (IPL) inputs applicable to their division.
The Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) proposed several changes to improve the organization of the combatant commands (CCMDs) in its markup of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2017.