CCMETCoupled-Cluster Many-Electron Theory
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When the diet was changed to adjust the levels of dietary amino acids (ccLys, ccMet + Cys and ccThr) to the next phase, the efficiency of utilization at this time increased and then decreased by repeating the same pattern.
(For further information regarding these differing perspectives on medieval and early English drama, see Johnston, CCMET, 1-2).
Sectarianism within Protestant factions may have contributed to injunctions against this kind of playing, but--based on the fact that beginning in the 1530s English law forbade any representation of God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit and also any portrayal and veneration of saints--it seems more likely that plays were forbidden by changes in English law (Clopper, 102-109; Johnston, CCMET, 20-22).
The mine plan, prepared by CCMET and Kvaerner, is based upon total mineable reserves of almost 153 Mt grading 0.96% Cu, of which, 98.6% are classified as proven and probable reserves.