CCMHCampbell County Memorial Hospital (Gillette, WY)
CCMHConcentration Corpusculaire Moyenne en Hémoglobine (French: Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration)
CCMHComanche County Memorial Hospital
CCMHCamden Clark Memorial Hospital (Parkersburg, WV)
CCMHCrawford County Memorial Hospital (Iowa)
CCMHCITIC (China International Trust and Investment) Capital Markets Holdings Limited
CCMHContra Costa Mental Health (California)
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However, the alcohol subscale was notably skewed in the current study with 85% of students scoring 0 on the subscale and only 4% of the sample falling in the elevated range of problematic alcohol use based on recommended cutoff scores (CCMH, 2012).
"It doesn't make sense to have an inflexible, arbitrary session limit," says Locke, the executive director of CCMH. "You have to factor in the complexity of the situation, the insurance options available to the student and the length of time they might need."
and compiled by the Center for the Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH; for more information about the Pilot Study sample see Hayes et al., 2011).
Consistent with the national movement toward effectiveness evaluation and promotion of best practices, as well as the university counseling center research being conducted by CCMH, the University of Wisconsin (UW) System recently began its own review of the role of counseling and mental health services in student functioning.
Now, with this inaugural issue, JCC begins its partnership with the CCMH and will publish a third annual summer issue specifically dedicated to the Center's research studies.
Institutional Review: The institutional review boards of each of the four remote hospitals (DRMC, ERHC, CCMH, MMCHS) and the University of Pittsburgh reviewed and approved the study protocols.
In 2004, CCMH handled about 4,300 inpatient admissions, 43,460 outpatient registrations and 13,000 emergency department discharges.
Our annual Heritage Week meeting this year featured fourteen-year old Scotfish dancer Susannah Bowman UE, (granddaughter of Doreen Todhunter UE CCMH).
CASE FACTS: Campbell County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) owns and operates Wright Clinic in Wright, Wyoming.
The authors describe the Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH), a practice-research network of university counseling centers, and introduce the special issue of the Journal of College Counseling that features the work of the CCMH.
The Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH) provides just such a network.
Data for our study were obtained from the pilot study for the Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH) and the CCMH-Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA) survey.