CCMLColorado Council of Medical Librarians (Denver, CO)
CCMLCastle Connolly Medical Ltd. (consumer healthcare organization; New York)
CCMLCity of Chicago Math League (Chicago, IL)
CCMLComputational Chemistry Markup Language
CCMLChatter Creek Mountain Lodges (Canada)
CCMLComplementary Current Mirror Logic
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CCML and CEI are quasi-governmental entities disguised as private organizations.
The CCML subsidiary was created with the purpose, and apparently has as its sole activity, "to help attract capital to low-income areas using the U.
into an appropriate form of novation agreement with CCML and Trebuchet Finance
other things, replace CCML as investment manager to the Company.
CCML concludes with five chapters on Luther's legacy into the modern age.
For a handbook that is meant to be useful not only for scholars but also for beginners, CCML suffers from editing that is neither aggressive nor careful enough.
Nothing bears out this last critique of CCML better than Bagchi and Steinmetz's Cambridge Companion to Reformation Theology: of a total of fifteen chapters, the first four focus on the later Middle Ages.
Kolb's piece on confessional Lutheran theology is as well done as his contribution to CCML.