CCMLColorado Council of Medical Librarians (Denver, CO)
CCMLCastle Connolly Medical Ltd. (consumer healthcare organization; New York)
CCMLCity of Chicago Math League (Chicago, IL)
CCMLComputational Chemistry Markup Language
CCMLChatter Creek Mountain Lodges (Canada)
CCMLComplementary Current Mirror Logic
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An advantage of nanoindentation is its ability to probe small volumes of materials, such as the wood cell wall layers S2 and CCML (Wimmer and Lucas 1997).
the "Coordinating Committee on Multiple Litigation," or CCML,
Liu, "Formal verification for CCML based web service composition," Information Technology Journal, vol.
The system used was adapted from one developed for a study on a related species, the California market squid, Doryteuthis (Loligo) opalescens (Vidal 2000), with modifications to accommodate for resources available at CCML and for the needs of the longfin squid.
H1 There are no significant differences in the dependent variables among students in the CCL, CML and CCML strategies.
Com o incremento da dose de condicionante, ocorreu houve aumento da umidade na capacidade de campo pelos metodos da coluna de solo (CCmc) e de laboratorio (CCml) (Tabela 1), comportamento semelhante ao verificado para o PMP.
Donald McKim has gathered an impressive number of English- and German-speaking scholars in CCML, whose eighteen chapters address Luther's life and context, his theology and writings, his reception, and his continuing legacy for both the modern church and contemporary theology.
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Between 1990 and 1995, both Anaconda Chile and CCML conducted numerous exploration programmes on their respective properties before a joint venture between Equatorial and the Luksic Group was established in December 1995 allowing joint development of the Leonor and adjacent Sorpresa/Santa Carmen properties.
CCML, which contains the full text of more than 70 premier biomedical journals, is the largest database of its kind.