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Grell and Freitas (2014) and WMO CCMM (2016) indicated that the cloud-aerosol interaction may be more important in the tropics.
During the last decade, experience in assimilation of chemical and aerosol observations from ground-based and satellite instruments into CCMM has grown significantly (Bocquet et al.
Although the importance of assimilating atmospheric composition data into CCMM to get realistic chemical fields has been demonstrated, there is little experience in assimilation of both meteorological and chemical observations into CCMM.
The COST Action ES1004 EuMetChem and the World Meteorological Organization, which organized the CCMM Symposium, are greatly acknowledged.
WMO CCMM, 2016: Coupled Chemistry-Meteorology/ Climate Modelling (CCMM): Status and relevance for numerical weather prediction, atmospheric pollution and climate research (Symposium materials).