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CCMSComputing Center Management System
CCMSCommittee on the Challenges of Modern Society (NATO)
CCMSChild Care Management Services
CCMSCincinnati College of Mortuary Science
CCMSCerebrocostomandibular Syndrome
CCMSCase Control Management System
CCMSCentre for Coastal and Marine Science (UK)
CCMSClose Combat Missile Systems (US Army; replaces Close Combat Anti-Armor Weapon Systems)
CCMSCheckout, Control and Monitor System
CCMSChristopher Columbus Middle School (Clifton, New Jersey)
CCMSComponent Content Management Systems (XML management and authoring)
CCMSClare College Music Society (Cambridge University; UK)
CCMSCountry Club Middle School (Miami, FL)
CCMSCable Computerized Management Systems
CCMSChrist Church Music Society (University of Oxford, UK)
CCMSCredit Card Management System
CCMSCellular Customer Management System
CCMSCall Centre Management System (iSoftel)
CCMSCommand Control and Monitoring System
CCMSCentral Critical Monitoring System
CCMSCorporate Content Management System
CCMSCentralized Configuration Management System
CCMSCompass Call Mission Simulator
CCMSChurchville-Chili Middle School (New York)
CCMSConsolidated Computer Management Systems (USAF)
CCMSCrypto Chip Management System
CCMSCisco Cluster Management Suite
CCMSCass City Middle School (Cass City, Michigan)
CCMSCommodity Configuration Management System
CCMSCommunications Control Management System
CCMSClean Catch Midstream Specimen (laboratory urine cultures)
CCMSClear Creek Middle School (Ellijay, GA)
CCMSCulture, Communication and Media Studies (South Africa)
CCMSCampaign for the Civic Mission of Schools (coalition)
CCMSCreative Content Management Solution (Intuitive Solutions Group)
CCMSCommunication, Cultural and Media Studies (various universities)
CCMSCertification Candidate Management System (Institute of Internal Auditors)
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The CCMS process is unbiased and leads directly to the drug-specific functional sub-proteome employing any complex biological sample.
From left to right: Shumway, CCMS President Peggy Senter, Sen.
The aim of this study was to compare simultaneously the psychometric properties of the PIADS and CCMS in older adults with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee.
With the use of molecular dynamics simulations developed at the CCMS, which allow scientists to track the evolution of materials systems with ultra-high resolution in space and time, the physicists explored the response of the formamide nano-droplet to an applied electric field of variable strength.
Regeneration leader Cllr Peter Millea said: "The work undertaken as part of CCMS has made the city centre so much more attractive and easier to get a r ound.
Nor was it surprising that Nixon named as his point man for the project his special assistant (later, counselor), the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, White House intellectual-in-residence and, most likely, the brains behind CCMS.
4] CCMS or IDC Work up both CFU/mL of a single potential pathogen urine specimens organisms or for each of two potential pathogens from patients
The CCMS can also allocate a laboratory testing regime to the sample or product that has resulted in a complaint where relevant.
The Multimax team assumed responsibility on March 22, 2002, for all functions required to support CCMS operations, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
But according to documents lodged with the tribunals office, she claimed that from 1988, the CCMS and the school's board of governors "had prevented her from carrying out her responsibilities and duties''.
But the CCMS has come out against the planned blitz.
Using this objective data, such as death records, medical information, and the cognitive evaluations from the CCMS, we were able to see that people who experienced particularly stressful life events, such as a parent's death during one's childhood, death of a child or spouse, or living with a spouse who is afflicted with dementia is associated with significantly higher rates of dementia later in life," Norton said.