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CCNCMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) Certification Number
CCNChurch Communication Network
CCNComplex Communication Needs (various locations)
CCNConvention Collective Nationale (French: National Collective Bargaining Agreement)
CCNCherry Creek North (Denver, CO; shopping area)
CCNCarson City (Amtrak station code; Carson City, NV)
CCNCertified Clinical Nutritionist
CCNCapitale Circolante Netto (Italian: Net Working Capital)
CCNCloud Condensation Nuclei
CCNCritical Care Nurse
CCNCommission de la Capitale Nationale (French: National Capital Commission; Canada)
CCNConseil Consultatif National (French: National Advisory Council)
CCNCommunity Care Network
CCNComputer and Communications Network
CCNCordless Communication Network
CCNCredit Card Network
CCNCampus Computer Network
CCNContinuous Control Node
CCNCyr61-Ctgf-Nov (proteins)
CCNCollege Central Network (jobs)
CCNCentre Chorégraphique National (French: National Choreographic Center)
CCNCapstone College of Nursing (University of Alabama)
CCNCorvette Club Norway
CCNCredit Card Number
CCNConseil Canadien des Normes (Standards Council of Canada)
CCNCarrier Comfort Network (HVAC)
CCNCyclomatic Complexity Number (software metric)
CCNCharging Control Node (Ericsson)
CCNCardiac Care Network
CCNClimate Change Network (various organizations)
CCNCorruption, Collusion, and Nepotism (objectionable business practices)
CCNCouncil of Churches in Namibia
CCNCenter for Cognitive Neuroscience (University of Pennsylvania)
CCNCaribbean Communications Network
CCNCenter for Civic Networking
CCNConference Call Notes (reports)
CCNCommunity Compassion Network
CCNCross Country National (racing)
CCNCarrying Capacity Network
CCNCanadian Corporate News
CCNCrossroads Career Network
CCNCertified Contractors Network
CCNCoastal Community Network (Canada)
CCNCentre Cardiologique du Nord (French: North Cardiological Center)
CCNComputer Consulting Network (advertising)
CCNCatholic Communications Network
CCNClay Coated News (packaging)
CCNClil Cascade Network (EU)
CCNCommand and Control North (Vietnam, US special forces unit)
CCNCreative Communication Network (various organizations)
CCNCategory Control Number (Underwriters Laboratories)
CCNContract Change Notice
CCNCounty Councils Network (Special Interest Group within the Local Government Association, UK)
CCNCommon Communication Network (European network infrastructure)
CCNConstabulary Communication Network
CCNContent-Centric Networking
CCNClaim Control Number (Medicare tracking number)
CCNChina Commodity Net
CCNCareer Center Network (San Diego)
CCNCanadian Cohousing Network
CCNCustomer Contact Name
CCNCentre de Communication Nord (French: Northern Communications Center; Brussels, Belgium)
CCNCareer Counseling Network (various schools)
CCNChristian Connection Network
CCNCase Control Number
CCNChemical Consultants Network
CCNCommunity Conservation Network (Honolulu, HI)
CCNCommunity Chat Network (IRC)
CCNCycle Component Network (various locations)
CCNCredit Cards Now
CCNChemistry Contact Network
CCNCybergrace Christian Network
CCNClover Corner News (4-H clubs)
CCNCompanhia Colonial de Navegação (Lisbon, Portugal steamship company)
CCNComputer Communications Network
CCNColorectal Cancer Network
CCNClimate Capital Network (various locations)
CCNCable Communication Nagaragawa (Gifu, Japan)
CCNCroatian Commercial Network
CCNConfiguration Change Notice
CCNCréation de Contenu Numérique (French: Digital Content Creation)
CCNContrôle Commande Numérique (French: Digital Command Control)
CCNCalling Card Number
CCNCerebro Cortical Necrosis
CCNContinuous Control Node (Cisco)
CCNCanoë Club Normand (French: Normandy Canoe Club; Normandy, France)
CCNCommon Core Network (IPv6)
CCNContract Change Notification
CCNCell Change Notification (network assisted cell change procedure in GSM/GPRS networks)
CCNCommunauté de Communes du Naucellois (French: Naucellois Community of Communes; Naucelle, France)
CCNCertified Critical Care Nurse
CCNContract Change Negotiation (NASA)
CCNCommunauté Chemin Neuf (Chemin Neuf Community; Lyon, France)
CCNChange Control Number
CCNConsistent Checkpoint Number
CCNCategory Code Number
CCNCopper Cable Network (Afghanistan)
CCNCréation et Communication Numérique (French: Creation and Digital Communication)
CCNComedy Central Nederland (Dutch: Comedy Central Netherlands; TV station)
CCNCooperative Caring Network
CCNCommon Control Node
CCNCommand Center Network
CCNClassification Change Notice
CCNConstruction Change Notice
CCNCustomer Coordination Node
CCNCampus Christian Network (various universities; Ghana)
CCNCriminal Case Number (police report)
CCNComplaint Control Number (law enforcement)
CCNContinental Control Network
CCNContract Completion Notice
CCNCOMSEC Controlling Node
CCNClinical Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (various locations)
CCNCisco Content Networking Architecture (Cisco)
CCNCross-Connect Network (AT&T)
CCNCrittenden Connection Networks
CCNChauffage et Climatisation du Nord (French: Northern Heating and Air)
CCNCommunauté Chrétienne des Nations (French: Christian Community of Nations; Cameroon)
CCNCornwall Capital Network (Canada)
CCNCommercial Circuit Number
CCNComcast Cable Network
CCNConnective Tissue Growth Factor Cystein-Rich Protein Nephroblastoma Overexpressed
CCNCritical Carbon Number
CCNCompassion Capital Network (Our Health, Inc.)
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"Estas aplicaciones favorecen el trabajo sin interrupciones, lo que aumenta la eficiencia y permite ampliar la oferta con nuevas presentaciones de productos", afirma Bernardo Antonio Izaguirre, gerente de produccion de CCN.
Murat Ececen, Chairman, CCN Holding, said: "The inauguration of the Bilkent Health Campus represents the successful delivery of Turkey's largest-ever PPP healthcare investments, the result of a truly collaborative partnership that combines the best in public-sector execution models with private-sector competencies.
Le directeur du CCN a explique, qu'en terme d'intensite de precipitations, les pluies superieures a 10 mm par heure sont considerees comme des "pluies fortes", rappelant que "le caractere des precipitations depend de laclimatologie locale".
Gambit advised the shareholders of CCN, which included a corporate shareholder and members of the ongoing management team, in negotiating, structuring and project managing the entire transaction process.
And Morales thinks Oconer will be the biggest thorn to his three-peat bid in this race presented by LBC and supported by MVP Sports Foundation, CCN, Petron,, 3Q Sports Event Management, Inc., Boy Kanin, Franzia, Standard Insurance, Bike Xtreme, SH+, Guerciotti, Prolite, Green Planet, Maynilad, NLEX Cycling, Lightwater, LBC Foundation and PhilCycling.
The Cross of Nails has since become "a powerful and inspirational symbol worldwide of reconciliation and peace," according to CCN.
To address heavy overhead from public key signature-based data segment authentication in CCN, several researches have been conducted [1, 6-14].
In just ten days following the application of Article 155 of Spain's constitution, which imposed direct rule on Catalonia on October 27, the Spanish National Cryptologic Center (CCN) registered around 70 attacks, RT reported.
It is not known to what extent mixing state needs to be resolved to accurately represent aerosol properties relevant to climate, specifically aerosol absorption and scattering, which govern direct radiative forcing, and cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) concentrations, which govern indirect radiative forcing.
Las Celulas de la Cresta Neural (CCN) corresponden a una poblacion celular multipotente originada de la porcion dorsal del tubo neural, desde donde migran a traves del organismo en desarrollo para dar origen a una amplia variedad de estructuras (Zhang et al., 2014) o participar en su formacion, entre ellas el corazon, en donde mas alla de la diferenciacion en fenotipos celulares responsables de la formacion de estructuras cardiacas, modulan factores de crecimiento y transcripcion, coordinando asi la accion de otros linajes celulares en el desarrollo del aparato cardiovascular (Brade et al., 2013).
Christchurch Hospital CNS Sally Powell and community respiratory nurse Judy Jones from the Canterbury Clinical Network (CCN) gave a joint presentation on "30 years of sleep medicine".