CCNAACoordination Council for North American Affairs (Taiwan)
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Taiwan, as a result, created CCNAA to serve as AIT's counterpart agency.
was originally called the "CCNAA in the United States of America," but the name was changed to TECRO as a result of the Clinton Administration's Taiwan Policy Review of 1994.
The name of the head CCNAA office in Taipei was not changed, however.
Remarkably, the original name by design gave no indication that CCNAA had anything to do specifically with Taiwan or the U.S.
When I was Director of AIT, I usually met at most twice a year for an exchange of lunches or dinners with the head of CCNAA. That was all.
after the 1979 break, Washington set up the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) to maintain ties with the island, while Taiwan formed the CCNAA.
Following Lee's trip, Taiwan announced Saturday that it had changed the official name of its body managing relations with Washington from Coordination Council for North American Affairs (CCNAA) to Taiwan Council for U.S.