CCNFSDUCodex Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Uses
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This year's CCNFSDU meeting--hosted by the German Health Ministry in Berlin, Germany, the first full week of December 2017--witnessed a lively debate about not only how to define biofortification but also whether or not the very word "biofortification" should be used at all.
At the 2016 CCNFSDU meeting, Chairwoman Pia Noble (married to a former Bayer executive) had started off the biofortification-definition discussion by giving her incorrect personal opinion that the definition should be as broad as possible and that recombinant technology should be included.
Noble, theCCNFSDU Chairwoman, actually should be spoken of in the past tense since she reigned over her last CCNFSDU meeting this December 2017 in Berlin.
NHF mentioned this problem back at the 2005 CCNFSDU meeting.
The IPA delegation received support for its proposal from many national delegations, including Argentina, which requested to take the lead on the activities and committed to preparing a structured document on the content and scope of the new work on probiotics for the next CCNFSDU meeting next year.
Once a definition is agreed by CCNFSDU, the Document will be referred to the Codex Committee on Food Labelling (CCFL) so that discussions can commence on what the standards would be for labelling biofortified food.
CRN and others were successful in expressing their concern about the need to revisit these numbers, with CAC and the chair of CCNFSDU acknowledging the necessary action of sending the vitamin E NRV-Rs back to CCNFSDU for reconsideration.