CCNOCentre Chorégraphique National d'Orléans (French: National Choreography Center of Orleans; Orleans, France)
CCNOCorrections Center of Northwest Ohio
CCNOCommunity Connection of Northeast Oregon, Inc.
CCNOCorrections Commission of Northwest Ohio
CCNOCardiac Care Network of Ontario (Ontario, Canada)
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Cooperation and consensus among commission members has been the key to CCNO's success.
CCNO routinely operates under budget and generates sufficient revenue to reduce operating costs from 5 to 12 percent annually, depending on bed utilization.
CCNO also produces revenue in a variety of ways, including bed rentals, bed overutilization penalty assessments, inmate telephone system, medical fees for service, pay-to-stay programs, vending machines and interest on accounts.
Contracting for services in jails is very competitive, thus CCNO often enjoys lower prices.
Table 1 compares CCNO's lower per-diem rates with other jails in Ohio and nationally.
All contractors also are included in CCNO's organizational chart.
In 1997, the per-meal cost was lowered to $0.789 at CCNO. The average cost at Ohio's full-service jails was $1.78 per meal, according to an ODRC survey.
Approximately 65 percent of all CCNO inmates are mis-demeanants and believed to be low security risks.
CCNO also provides centralized transportation through five buses.