CCNSOCountry Code Names Supporting Organization
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It also stated that Nominet's ccNSO application will improve European membership.
The GAC welcomed the interest shown by the ccNSO in the GAC's report on progress in updating its ccTLD Principles and is pleased that the ccNSO intends to take the GAC paper up through its appropriate Working Group.
While the creation of the ccNSO is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, and could make relations more amicable in future, it is merely a first step for ICANN.
Additionally, the CCNSO and the GAC have established a joint liaison group which will identify issues of common interest.
Three individuals were selected to serve on the Board of Directors; two individuals were selected to fill seats designated for individuals from the North American and European regions on the Interim At-Large Advisory Committee (which coordinates participation by individual Internet users in ICANN's activities); three individuals were selected for the Council of the new Country Code Names Supporting Organisation (which administers and coordinates the affairs of the ccNSO and manages the policy development process of the ccNSO); and one individual was selected for the Council of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (which develops policy concerning domain names in generic top-level domains such as .