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2 South African Home Based Care Policies and Programs Country Programs New Policies Zimbabwe --HBC finance provided --10 year HBC Policy # Alliance caregivers: 1571 --ISALProject- --Seke HBC writing # cared for: 5136 savings/land project HBC policy Coordinator: Groots Zimbabwe/Seke South Africa --Stipends for -Reengineering registered caregivers health system # Alliance caregivers: 1395 --Not including caregivers # cared for: 18,000 Coordinator: Lamosa Malawi --No HBC finance --Standardized guidelines # Alliance caregivers: programs that few caregivers 681 understand # cared for: NA Coordinator: CCODE Zambia --No HBC finance -No new policies programs # Alliance caregivers: 3082 --Cooperating partners give training/tools # cared for 11,406 Coordinator: People Process (PPHPZ) Table 1.