CCODPCanadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace
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Although specifics are lacking, one must conclude that the problem is serious, because following the episcopal investigation, CCODP is seriously amending the relationship with its partners.
Organizations which request CCODP funding will be obliged to disclose any projects they may be involved in that contradict Catholic principles of respect for life.
What this indicates is that the constitutional changes were made to accommodate the funding of CCODP by the federal government and the requirement of the CCODP trade union, both of which require that membership be nondiscriminatory.
Archbishop lames Weisgerber is quoted as saying that Canada's bishops found no evidence of wrongdoing by CCODP or the Mexican partners it funded.
I find it strange that if there is no wrongdoing CCODP should nevertheless be told to tighten up its protocols for selecting the partners it funds.
Hoffman found out from Gilio Brunelli, the director of international programs with the CCODP in Montreal, that D&P does not review the overall activities of groups it supports.
The difficulty is that from the beginning the CCODP has been driven by political ideology; in fact, by a political ideology of the left, even more so than by its Catholic religious motivation.
CCODP also exhorted the government to "orient its security policies to promote a just solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict and the promotion of human rights and justice in the rest of the Middle East.
With the new director, CCODP is investigating some new directions.
The performance of the CCODP and a number of Canadian bishops concerning the World March of Women has been dismaying on a number of counts, the major one being that they failed abysmally to understand the nature and agenda of the radical feminist groups that organized and led the March.
Patricia Rooke in its April issue, where she said she was waiting for an apology from those Catholic women leaders, especially of the CWL and the CCODP, who supported the March.
The CCODP, Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace, is an instrument of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB).