CCOOComisiones Obreras (Spanish Labor Union)
CCOOCo-Chief Operating Officer (organizational business title)
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La principal aportacion de este libro consiste en reconstruir de forma global la historia de la actual CCOO de Construccion y Servicios desde los origenes de la conflictividad obrera en el franquismo hasta la actualidad.
En Andalucia, el PCE(i) se expandio a partir de un nucleo inicial de profesionales y estudiantes de Sevilla, llegando a ocupar en varios municipios un espacio politico que el PCE y CCOO habia dejado vacio, como Villamartin o El Coronil.
CCOO, UGT and SEPLA are willing to negotiate on the basis of good faith a viable plan for Iberia and return to the land of profitability.
We want to say loud and clear to the government that we do not agree, that its policies cause too much damage, that we will not resign ourselves because there are alternatives," CCOO head Ignacio Toxo told the rally.
The UGT and CCOO unions represent the majority of the Spanish carrier's ground staff.
The CCOO, UGT and USO unions said the action will affect all of Spain's international airports - especially those in popular holiday destinations like Malaga, Alicante and the Canary Islands.
Spain's main unions - the UGT and CCOO - are fighting wage cuts, reformed labour laws making it easier to hire and fire workers, and an increase in the retirement age from 65 to 67.
Ese mismo dia las CCOO y la UGT reunieron a 16 mil delegados sindicales para calentar el ambiente previo a la huelga, donde predominaron los gritos de "
Luis Marino, spokesman for the CCOO union, was cited by Europa Press as saying that his union would have preferred a protocol signed by all unions before becoming final.
The powerful UGT and CCOO unions,which represent chambermaids, cleaners, receptionists and other hotel staff, had been in talks with management for six months.
Carlos Martin, economist at CCOO, one of Spain's two big national trade unions said: "The gap between Spain's growth and that of the rest of Europe is based on Spanish companies enjoying elements that other countries have long had but which are a novelty here.
Last night members of Benedicto's CCOO coach drivers union scattered tacks across access roads to airports in a bid to halt taxis.