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The tastings were arranged in the sensory lab in CCOVI in individual booths, and Compusense software was used for data collection.
Development of the white wine mouth-feel wheel occurred in 21 one-hour sessions in a panel discussion room and sensory evaluation lab at CCOVI. For all sessions, water and fresh bread were provided to cleanse the palate between wine samples, and nose clips were used to assist the panel in focusing on oral sensations and to remove the influence of olfactory cues.
The valuable contribution of Lallemand Inc.; Gail Higenell (CCOVI), Palmina Demiglio and our sensory panel is gratefully acknowledged.
"CCOVI comes along saying, 'Look, we've got to provide something to the wine industry so that there's not this whole hodge-podge....Let's put some science behind it."
Launched in 2010, the project focuses, according to CCOVI, "on the composition and sensory characteristics of wines produced using traditional and climate-controlled methods for varietals grown in the Ontario climate." The research, backed with a slice of $2.86 million (CAD) in provincial funding for projects related to climate change, aims to provide comprehensive information about the various drying methods, their effect on wine quality, and reduce the guesswork for winemakers considering adopting the style.
Pillitteri, for example, seldom sought to achieve 26[degrees] Brix in its grapes prior to participating in the CCOVI project.
9/Brock University, CCOVI Wine Appreciation-Exploring Varietals: A special interest course focused on the tasting of wines from Canada and around the world.
Linda Bramble, author, educator and a CCOVI professional affiliate, spoke March 16 about "Why Entrepreneurs Decided to Regulate Themselves: the Paradoxical Story of VQA." In 1995 the Tory government came into power on a platform that included deregulating business, but at this time, the wine industry pressed for increased regulation by requesting legislation for a VQA system that would establish guaranteed minimal standards of wine quality.
Visit, click on "Outreach Services" and then "CCOVI Lecture Series." The site has a schedule for lectures online and an archive of videos of previous lectures that may be downloaded.
Information from the VineAlert database will be posted on the CCOVI website at
Willwerth, a quality services sensory coordinator with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, began working at CCOVI on July 5.
He has collaborated with CCOVI on research on the multi-colored Asian Lady Beetle taint and will join CCOVI later this year.