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CCPACanadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (think tank)
CCPACanadian Chemical Producers' Association
CCPACanadian College of Performing Arts (Victoria, Canada)
CcpACatabolite Control Protein A
CCPAConnecticut Community Providers Association
CCPACommunauté de Communes du Pays de l'Arbresle (French: Community of Communes of Arbresle Countries; L'Arbresle, France)
CCPACanadian Concrete Pipe Association
CCPACommunauté de Communes de la Plaine de l'Ain (French: Community of Communes Plaine de l'Ain; Ain, France)
CCPAChicago Center for the Performing Arts (Chicago, IL)
CCPACanadian Chiropractic Protective Association
CCPACable Communications Policy Act of 1984
CCPACalifornia Canning Peach Association
CCPACemented Carbide Producers Association
CCPACredit Card Protection Agency
CCPAComitato Consultivo per la Pesca e l'Acquacoltura (Italian)
CCPAConsumer Credit Protection Act of 1968
CCPACommunauté de Communes du Pays des Achards (French municipality association; La Chapelle-Achard, France)
CCPACourt of Customs and Patents Appeals
CCPACentre de Culture Physique d'Aquitaine (French fitness center; Bordeaux, France)
CCPACanadian Cashmere Producers Association
CCPACamp Cherith in Pennsylvania (now Cedarbrook Camp in Pennsylvaia)
CCPACompact Conformal Patch Antenna
CCPACanadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
CCPACedarbrook Camp in Pennsylvania (Newark, DE; formerly Camp Cherith)
CCPAConcerned Citizens for Police Accountability
CCPACalgary Centre of Performing Arts (Calgary Alberta, Canada)
CCPAChinese Calligraphy and Painting Association (UK)
CCPAColorado Consumer Protection Act
CCPACabinet Committee of Political Affairs (India)
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Le CCPA a elabore un certain nombre de strategies visant a democratiser la production du savoir; ces strategies sont peut-etre uniques dans le contexte des groupes de reflexion canadiens.
Bruce Campbell, Executive director of CCPA said that the reluctance to go hard on senior officials with the Transport Canada is already evident.
For more information about the program and/or to apply for consideration, contact Patrick Zylka, assistant dean for enrollment and student services at CCPA, (312) 341-3797 or pzylka@roosevelt.
Subsequently, the CCPA purchased available adjacent land to bring the total land to 1,900 acres surrounding a two-runway, fully functioning airport.
Additionally, disposable earnings of a judgment debtor that are 1) exempt under either the "head of family exemption" or the CCPA, and 2) deposited in a financial institution, are exempt from garnishment for six months after the earnings are received by the financial institution.
CCPA Lebanon is focusing on bringing together a mixed group of children who play in the same club regardless of gender, talent, social standing, religious and ethnic distinctions.
Because giving up a child for adoption is not an easy decision, the draft CCPA includes a sixty-day "cooling off period" that would allow the birth parents to change their minds after they have given consent to the adoption.
However, CCPA researchers replied that if you compare the actual dollars spent on national defence, Canada is the sixth largest spender in NATO.
Even 14 Democrats voted for the CCPA that passed overwhelmingly.
Mullarkey noted that the legal profession isn't explicitly excluded from the act and wrote that the court "will not grant lawyers a blanket exemption from liability under the CCPA where the general assembly has not done so.
The CCPA issued a report, Continuing Care Renewal or Retreat?